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Seventh Heaven

Even when the sun isn’t shining UV rays are still present. These rays can over time  cause damage to the eyes. Transition (photochromic)  lenses can offer daily protection against UV light,  staying clearer in dull conditions whilst darkening in the sun.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Transition lenses have now released...
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Tips for soft lens application and removal

General Tips •Hands should be washed and thoroughly rinsed before handling contact lenses. •A soap that is free of oils, lotions or perfumes is recommended. •Hands should be dried with a lint–free towel. •Use finger tips to handle lens (avoid finger nails...
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What is Dry Eye

Do your eyes suffer from? A dry sensation Feeling gritty Burning, stinging or itching Excessive watering Discharge Irritation from wind or smoke Redness Tiredness Photophobia (sensitivity to light) Contact lens discomfort Dry eye syndrome is a condition where the eyes do not make enough...
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Re cycle your unwanted spectacles

Most of you will be aware that we collect unwanted spectacles on behalf of Vision Aid Overseas. We are still keen for you to donate these to us, provided they are in reasonable condition, and we will pass them on to Vision...
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We are now on Facebook!

  We are now on Facebook. To keep up to date with the latest news from the practice, and the latest developments in the world of optics and eye care please VISIT and ‘LIKE US’ us, by clicking on the blue Facebook...
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