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At Michael Offord Optometrist we understand that an eye examination is a big deal for a little person; not knowing what to expect can be disturbing for any of us, and even more so for children. We are proud to be a child-friendly practice, welcoming every member of your family from the minute they walk through our door.

Our play area is proving to be extremely popular with our younger patients, and time spent colouring in or deciding which spectacles Michael our Teddy Bear should wear, helps put the children at ease.

Your child's experience at Michael Offord Optometrist

First Consultation

When it is time for your little one’s eye examination, you’ll accompany them into the consulting room with the Optometrist who will carry out their eye examination as a series of games, using language which they will understand, and keeping you informed as to what each test is designed to discover. The eye examination will establish whether a spectacle correction is needed as well as being an important health-check. The examination ends with a choice of “well-done” sticker.

If spectacles are required

If spectacles are required , the Optometrist will introduce your child to a member of our dispensing team, who are expert in the supply and fitting of children’s frames. Children are encouraged to try on spectacle frames in a fun-atmosphere until suitable choice is made.

Choosing the frames

Children’s eye examinations are free through the NHS, and should spectacles be required, we have a large selection of frames, ranging from those covered completely by the NHS voucher allowance, to others carrying an additional charge. Repairs to children’s spectacles are also assisted by the NHS.

Making the spectacles

Once your child has chosen their frame and all of the required measurements have been taken, we will inform you of an approximate delivery date, and will confirm this when the completed spectacles have arrived in the practice.

The fitting

The final fitting of the spectacles take place at a time convenient to you and your little one, and at this stage the spectacles are adjusted for optimum comfort. Your child will be able to choose their spectacle case from a number of fun designs, and will also choose another “well-done” sticker.


You’ll leave knowing your child has received the best of attention, and with an invitation to call back at any time should the spectacles need and repair or adjustment.


At what age can a child start to have their eyes examined?

From about 2 years onwards a child can start having eye examinations. A child’s eyes have finished developing by around 8 years of age.
We recommend children should have their eyes examined before they start school.

What if my child is not old enough to read the letters on the chart?

Our Optometrists have a number of ways of assessing your child’s vision including matching pictures. Which ever method they use, the Optometrist will make your child’s eye examintaion seem like a series of games.

What should we do if my child needs spectacles but does not want to wear them?

We would always suggest a “gently, gently” approach with a little one who is not keen to keep their new spectacles on. We aim to make the whole experience as enjoyable as possible for our younger patients, encouraging them to choose their own case, and receiving “well-done” stickers. Sometimes it is better to try the new spectacle at home, where the children are more easily distracted with a favourite toy or TV programme. Most importantly, we avoid creating a “show-down” situation where both the child and parents can become stressed.

What happens if my child breaks their spectacles?

For spectacles supplied using the NHS Voucher scheme, the appropriate repair will be carried out at no charge to you. If you have paid for your little one’s spectacles, the repair will be carried out at the lowest possible cost.