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Digital Retinal Photography

Digital Retinal Photography allows a photograph to be taken of the back of the eye; this is the central retinal area. It is this central area that plays an important part in our quality of vision,and it is therefore vital that any problems are picked up at the earliest of stages before vision is affected. Certain factors increase the risk of eye problems, so if you are in a higher risk group, it is even more important to include digital imaging as part of your routine eye exam.
The digital images allow a much more thorough inspection of the central retinal area and because the images are stored on computer, comparisons can be made from visit to visit.
The procedure is quick and painless, and no different from having a photograph taken.

Digital Retinal Photography differs from OCT, in that whereas OCT gives what is in effect a 3 dimensional image, Digital Retinal Photography produces a 2 dimensional image.

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