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how to choose the correct frames for your face

A new pair of spectacles will probably be worn on your face for an average of two years. It stands to reason then, that some careful thought and consideration should be put into your choice of frame.

Think about what sort of look you would like to create? If you want to turn heads, go for bold, strong heavier styles with thicker patterned temples. Fine wire frames, rimless or half-rimmed can give a more subtle or sophisticated look.
Ideally try on as many different styles and colours as possible, even ones that you wouldn’t normally choose as they can look totally different on, than when viewed on a frame rack.

When choosing your new frame think about your face shape. By wearing the right shape frame it can balance your facial features.
Most people fall into one of the below categories, which can be helpful as a guide when choosing your new spectacles:


Square: You have a face which is as wide as it is long, with a square jaw line. Go for softer shaped frames with oval lines, avoiding angular or square shapes.

Oval: You’re in luck! The ideal face shape with well balanced high cheekbones, a forehead that is just slightly wider than the jaw which should be gently curving. Most frames will suit, just make sure the size is in proportion to your head size.

Round: Short in length, with a wide forehead and full cheeks the round face shape should opt for frames that are squarer in shape, and wider rather than deeper. Avoid round frames which will only make the face look rounder.

Long Oblong: Your face is longer than it is wide, with high cheekbones and a long forehead.
Go for styles that are heavier on top, strong square shapes work well for balancing a narrow face but be careful not to choose a frame that is too wide; ideally your eyes should be in the centre of the lenses.

Heart: The heart shaped face is wide at the forehead and cheekbones, but then becomes narrow at the jaw line and chin. Go for slender, rounded or square styles but avoid any that are wider on the top of the frame than at the bottom as this will emphasise the heart shape rather than deflect from it.

Colours of frames should compliment your skin tone.
Cool skin tones have blue or pink undertones and should plump for black, silver, gunmetal, purples, blue or pink frames colours
Warm skin tones have a ‘peaches & cream’ or yellow cast. Frame colours that suit best include bronze, gold, copper, red, orange and khaki.

Be aware that when opting for ‘Transition’ lenses- (these are lenses that are clear indoors but darken in the sun,) that they should match the frame colour when lenses are both clear and dark.

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