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Hoya Occupational Varifocals Offer

We’re delighted to be working with Hoya to offer a free pair of 1.5 Hoyalux iD WorkStyle lenses with the purchase of any HoyaLux LifeStyle 3 varifocals until the end of March.

Hoya varifocals image

The WorkStyle lens is an occupational style varifocal which is tailored to the individual’s working requirements. While a varifocal is ideal for general everyday wear, it does not always provide the best solution for the working environment where intermediate and near vision can be essential.
The Hoya WorkStyle lens is ideally suited to those whose occupational or leisure pursuits involve large amounts of intermediate or close work, especially those who spend a lot of time on a computer. It provides an increased field of intermediate and near vision, while also giving excellent depth of vision.
The lens comes in three different designs to suit all indoor requirements:
  1. Close: Maximises the near field of view for those whose hobbies or professions require precision at close distances.
  2. Screen: Gives the wearer a smooth, sharp depth and width of vision from near up to 2 metres, making it ideal for computer users.
  3. Space: Also provides a limited amount of distance vision for those who require a longer viewing distance
The free WorkStyle lens also includes the HVA multi-layer anti-reflection coating, cutting down on glare to provide even greater comfort at the computer screen. For more information, or to discuss your options, please contact the practice to arrange an appointment with one of our Dispensing Opticians.

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