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New Season Sun Style

The sun is starting to peak through and brings with it our new ranges of sunglasses for 2016.

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This year we are delighted to introduce our new range of EyeSpace sunglasses, Cocoa Mint and Jensen. Designed by Optometrists for optimal comfort and vision, Cocoa Mint eyewear combines modern, sleek templates with classic elegance and glamour. Frames come in a range of colours and styles offering the wearer a luxurious sunwear experience.

We’ve got something for everybody at Michael Offord Optometrist but we would always recommend polarised lenses in your sunglasses. Offering exceptional protection, polarised lenses not only reduce brightness but diminish glare, an effect that causes extreme visual dicomfort and a reduction in visual acuity. Polarised lenses are designed to filter out light that reflect off roads and water horizontally, causing this glare effect, and work hard to increase visual comfort and colour contrast. They offer incredible sun protection and are especially useful for driving. Still not sure? Ask to see our demonstration of standard vs. polarised lenses. We think you’ll be amazed!

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