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OffordCarePlus: Direct Debit Contact Lenses

OffordCarePlus is a tailored monthly package designed to cover all of your contact lens eyecare needs.
Who is it for?
Anyone, whether your wear monthly, daily or hard lenses! The cost of your contact lenses will stay exactly the same; if you are paying £30 a month for daily lenses now, that will remain your monthly direct debit fee. What changes is the additional benefits included in that price, all tailored to ensure you are receiving the highest level of clinical care.
What happens when I sign up?
Together, we will run through the details of your direct debit, including if you’d like to make payment on the 1st or the 15th of the month, your first payment date and your first supply date. Make sure you bring along your bank details to fill in the appropriate forms. You can also choose to have your lenses delivered through the practice, in which case we will contact you when they’re ready to pick up, or directly to your home.
What if my circumstances change?
We hope you will remain with OffordCarePlus for years to come, but we understand circumstances change. If you wish to cancel or just suspend your direct debit for any length of time, contact the practice and we will take if from there.
There is no contract or lengthy notice period.
What are the benefits?
As well as your contact lenses you will also receive:
  • Eye Examination: Every two years, or more frequently as required (normal price: £35)
  • Contact Lens Consultations: Every 6 months to ensure your eyes are healthy and vision optimised (normal price: £35)
  • Free Emergency Appointments: As often as required to put things right (normal price: £20)
  • 20% of all complete pairs of spectacles
  • 20% of all contact lens and spectacle accessories
  • 10% of all contact lens solutions
To find out more information about your personal OffordCarePlus plan pop into the practice or give us a call.

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