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Specialist Equipment

OCT SCANNER (Optical coherence tomographer)

OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomographer) is performed with a technologically advanced piece of equipment which gives in-depth views of the layers of the macula, not seen with any other procedure “in practice”. This enables our Optometrists to observe irregularities which can assist in the diagnosis of conditions which would otherwise be undetected until symptoms became obvious, often at a much later stage.

Here at Michael Offord Optometrist we are proud to offer this technology to our patients, being one of the first in the area to do so.


Digital Retinal Photography allows a photograph to be taken of the back of the eye; this is the central retinal area.

It is this central area that plays an important part in our quality of vision,and it is therefore vital that any problems are picked up at the earliest of stages before vision is affected. Certain factors increase the risk of eye problems, so if you are in a higher risk group, it is even more important to include digital imaging as part of your routine eye exam.
The digital images allow a much more thorough inspection of the central retinal area and because the images are stored on computer, comparisons can be made from visit to visit.
The procedure is quick and painless, and no different from having a photograph taken.


Many of our patients take advantage of out iPad photo system to view a number of frames. We photograph the patient wearing each frame from their short-list, and then the images are viewed to compare styles. It certainly takes the guess-work out of frame selection!

Zeiss mobile iTerminal

At Michael Offord Optometrist we understand fully the importance of absolute accuracy in the positioning of your spectacle prescription lenses within your chosen frame. When we are calculating the setting of varifocal lenses, this is even more important.

Our investment in the Zeiss  iTerminal mobile, and the training of our Dispensing team in it’s use, ensures that your varifocal lenses will be positioned with accuracy of up to 0.1mm, ensuring the best and most comfortable vision for you.

Henson Field Screener

A visual field test is a method that is used to test a person’s field of vision; this is their central and peripheral (side) vision.

At Michael Offord Optometrist we use the Henson Field Screener to measure the patients visual field, and to detect signs of Glaucoma, retinal disease and conditions that affect the visual pathways to the brain. It is the visual pathway that carries information from the eyes to the visual area of the brain where the image is processed into vision.

It is also essential to have good all round vision for driving, along with any situation where a person needs to be aware of what is happening around them, not just straight ahead.