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Winter Driving Vision

Wintry conditions can make driving vision very difficult. Low sun and reflections from wet or snow lined roads mean your eyes have a lot to deal with while out on the road. Our recommendations for winter driving are:
  • Polarised sunglasses: A good pair of sunglasses can last you all year round. A polarising filter both reduces sunlight and ensures horizontal glare is cut out, to provide maximum comfort in bright light.
  • An anti-reflective coating for night-time driving: This coating reduces light scatter and uncomfortable glare from headlights and lamps.
Many people ask us about transition lenses in their glasses. These lenses turn dark in reaction to UV light.  Most modern cars already have UV filters in their windscreens so transition lenses don’t darken when driving. We would always recommend polarised sunglasses instead.
A little winter tip: Don’t leave your glasses in a cold car. When you put them on they’ll steam up!

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